Monday, February 15, 2010

After a long break...

Welcome back after a long break...

For Thinking the mindset has to be proper, so probably you  have guessed the correct reason for such a long delay.

So whats the best quality of a thinker, well everyone knows it but its just a simple fact which generally people ignores and they got either screwed up in the process of thinking and it goes in wrong direction or else they abort the process. The quality is the concentration and constant regular pondering over the thought they are thinking.

The good tip for thinkers is that thinking should be done in a peaceful environment,calmness and quietness is a Necessary cum sufficient condition for thinking process.

Process of thinking in basic flowchart :

1.Start thinking.

2.To start get a topic or else random thinking for something innovative and usefulness.

3.Utilize the maximum strength on the topic you are thinking upon.

4.Don't take mental strain, keep taking short brakes.

5.Finish the process as soon as you got the idea or solution of problem.

6.This solution can serve as a next topic for another thinking process.

So Happy Thinking ... It's a gr8 power given to us by almighty so utilize it (CAUTION !! with Care).

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