Sunday, November 22, 2009

To Start with...Thinking...

Thinkers...the persons who think are only regarded as a human being who is born on this earth for doing something new and which can only be done by thinking...
Thinking is the most easy process in the world, u don't even have to exert ur body for thinking, in scientific terms it is the process which requires the least possible energy in joules(.0000001 micro joules(even less than this))
Nothing is required for thinking not even a penny or some basic hardware/software requirement,nor any emotional, personal, scientific ,or any other XYZ environment or substance or stuff.
Just u have to do is to do nothing for thinking...
Its is an automatic,reflexive process.
Its an easy,comfortable,hard,disastrous,helping,EQ/IQ builder and complex, simple etc. process.
In fact we can associate thinking as a process with any term or feeling to describe it irrespective of weather 2 things describing it are opposite in meaning to each other like thinking is simple phenomenon or thinking is complex phenomenon. It is basically a relative phenomenon, for someone it is something at sometime and something other at other time, and for someone other same thing might be some thing different.

More is to come for thinkers who wish to ponder over more upon process of thinking... Its just the beginning.

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