Sunday, November 21, 2010

THe only one - Ultimate Machine

He is the only one. He is the main Control Unit. He is the Memory, He is the processor, Without his permission no instruction can be executed. He is the creator, he is the destroyer, He is the giver, he is the taker, he is the ONLY one and ULTIMATE one. THe almighty CPU.
He show the correct path and gives us everything at correct clock cycle...not before, not after. He has only one System Requirement to be fulfilled the Path of Honesty and Truth - The one and only instruction cycle.
He is the observer he is the manipulator. He is the biggest tester.
Thank You !!! THank You very much for everything you gave.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Today was the first day of my job...

Well I joined this company today. This day was as it has to be, first day, so introductions, familiarization with the work space, new lifestyle.

Other than the usual things was a new approach to work. New colleagues and the mainly the boss Mr.P, well he was not so strict on first day but lets see what comes in future.
As I am now working for an organization, so here comes many responsibilities automatically along with it.
Thinking only for the welfare of organization, for its growth, its vision, its progress.
Lets see how it goes.

The major project I have allotted are PT-1, GCCB, And RSRS.
Other than the company AIMS, as like every one, I too have my aims to be a RTP-F.

I will delicately work for this organization and provide my full efforts.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thinking And Intelligence - Artificially

Is it possible that what you think can be made to think by a machine or a non living thing ?

A big question, whose answer in not clear up till the present date.

Many theories and scientific research suggest that it is possible to simulate the behavior of brain  In fact the origin of computer science on theoretical ground was aimed to simulate brain with a machine. In the upcoming future it will be possible to do. That will be the next greatest research ever done by the mankind.

This is a hot topic of debate in current time.We all hope that this will surly help the man-kind and will be used in positive aspect.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Lifestyle and thinking

Living life smoothly is totally inter-related with thinking process.You think and you live, think good,positive and you are having a good time.
Totally opposite of this is if you think negative and something irrelevant your life goes to a wrong path. So keep your thinking to right path to succeed in life.

Monday, February 15, 2010

After a long break...

Welcome back after a long break...

For Thinking the mindset has to be proper, so probably you  have guessed the correct reason for such a long delay.

So whats the best quality of a thinker, well everyone knows it but its just a simple fact which generally people ignores and they got either screwed up in the process of thinking and it goes in wrong direction or else they abort the process. The quality is the concentration and constant regular pondering over the thought they are thinking.

The good tip for thinkers is that thinking should be done in a peaceful environment,calmness and quietness is a Necessary cum sufficient condition for thinking process.

Process of thinking in basic flowchart :

1.Start thinking.

2.To start get a topic or else random thinking for something innovative and usefulness.

3.Utilize the maximum strength on the topic you are thinking upon.

4.Don't take mental strain, keep taking short brakes.

5.Finish the process as soon as you got the idea or solution of problem.

6.This solution can serve as a next topic for another thinking process.

So Happy Thinking ... It's a gr8 power given to us by almighty so utilize it (CAUTION !! with Care).