Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Parting Ways - And M alone again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This time i did it myself.I did it for betterment of everyone. No one is distracted this time. No one is hurt.
I had chosen the the toughest path which will lead me towards the biggest discovery.
I know how to reach there.
I know what i have to do to reach there.
What i will get by reaching there , that too i know.
Only one and only thing that is needed it the ultimate power of mind-needs to be changed is the mindset.
And yes I have achieved that. I was the next step after sincerity and Practical approach.
Mind must be full of ENTHUSIASM + FIGHT.
My Approach is what is should be.
I have the resources, i have the guidance, i have the environment. I have the culture.
As like always i am the only one who is thinking differently.
 This is the only thing which needs to be accomplished now.
I know what is knowledge,love,care,how to live the life, what is friendship, what is fun,entertainment etc. etc. the only thing remains is the utilization of the ultimate power of thinking to the largest extent  for the benefit of the mankind.

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